Friday, July 2, 2010

A DIY Project

For months, I have been saving these old pictures in the garage because I thought the frames would be great to re-use one day.  But for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what to put in them.  Since there were three frames and we have three kids, I thought it would be perfect to frame a picture of each of our kids.  But the size was a little weird…they are 15 1/2 in. by 15 1/2 in.  I couldn’t find anywhere that printed photos that size.  So I just kept those thoughts and ideas on the back burner of my mind and waited.



Then one day, I saw that winkflash was having a 40% off sale on their canvas prints.  They had an option for a 16 x 16 inch print on unstretched canvas.  I thought the size was close enough and just might work.  So, I uploaded my favorite picture of each of the kids (after changing the resolution so that they would still be clear when blown up this big – that’s a whole other story!), hit the order button, and crossed my fingers that it would work.  When I got them in the mail, I was excited.  They looked awesome!



Since I am on an “I love the light and airy look” kick, I decided the frames would look best in our house if they were white.  The kids and I took out the flower pictures, sanded down the frames, and then I spray painted them all white.  (This picture was taken at dusk, so it sort of has a bluish tint to it.)




That night, Tim and I worked on putting it all together.  I had saved the cardboard backings from each frame.  We used them to lay the canvas on (making sure the picture was centered and just how we wanted it), then we just pushed the canvas and cardboard back into the frame.  It snapped right back in place.  Easy peasy!  In fact, it surprised both of us how simple it actually worked.  We didn’t even cut the extra canvas (just in case we ever want to use them with something else), we just folded it all down behind the frame, totally out of sight.



After plenty of discussion on how and where to hang our fab photos and lots of measuring to make sure they were lined up just right, we got them hung up on the wall.   We love how they turned out. 


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  1. Great idea!!! I love the pictures and how you reused the old ones. You are soo creative!