Sunday, April 1, 2012

Peyton’s Room Tour

Since we moved Hudson into Tyson’s room and Peyton into her own room a few weeks ago, it was time for some room re-dos.   Although I’m still adding a few touches here and there, for the most part, I’m finally done with both rooms, so it’s time for the room tours. 

We’ll start with Peyton’s room.  I’m using a mixture of iphone pics and camera pics.  So get ready to be overloaded with pictures.

The color of her walls is Benjamin Moore’s “Irish Mist”, a super soft gray/white. Originally, I had painted the walls “Heaven” by Benjamin Moore and I loved the color, but once I moved the dresser and vanity in, the color of the furniture did not work well with the walls.  I went back and forth on what to re-paint, but settled on re-painting the walls. So, yea, I painted this entire room twice.  It was not fun.  But I’m happy with the color now, so it was worth it.





Peyton painted the rainbow pic.  The alphabet and number prints are from Etsy.  And a friend made the giraffe picture a few years ago with scrapbook paper.  Isn’t it cute?! (Elizabeth, do you remember that one?!)



When I saw this side table at an antique store, I knew it would be perfect for Peyton’s room. And I took a boring lamp we had sitting around, spray painted the base yellow and re-covered the lamp shade with some fun fabric and ribbon. I used things we already had, so it was a free transformation.



Sadly, lamps and Hudson do not mix well right now, so not long after that picture was taken, he threw a coaster and busted the lamp.  This is the second lamp in about a week that he has busted.  At least the lamp shade is still usable.




For Peyton’s birthday last year, I made this flag bunting with ribbon, scrapbook paper and a hot glue gun. I was excited to be able to use it in her big girl room.  In many ways, this was the inspiration for the colors I used in her room.  I really wanted her room to feel bright and happy.  The curtain rods were previously dark wood.  A little paint works wonders. 



Here’s a close-up of the wall. As I’ve mentioned before I looove Katie Daisy prints…. and my favorite weather is bird chirping weather. The crate was something I made several months ago and painted.  I thought it looked cute hanging on the wall. 



As a reminder, this is what her dresser looked like before:



And now:


The color is called “Whispering Spring” by Benjamin Moore.

Some details:

The window is from an antique store.  The dress was her baby dedication dress.



The fake flowers were from another spot in our home.  I wrapped them in twine and stuck them in a ball jar. And here’s another lovely print by Katie Daisy.



Moving right along to the other side of the room…



Cheap decorations made from paper products that add fun and color to the space.



The vanity before:



And after:



This was an antique stool we had sitting around.  It was brown and ugly.  A little paint, a little fabric, and some distressing totally transformed it into something adorable.



So there you have it… her room tour.



  1. I'm in love with the room! My favorite was the yellow lamp and shade....until I saw the second picture. So sad! BUT, the paper butterflies are a close second! They are so sweet. I love the butterfly on the purple flowers and your pom poms are so pretty. I love the turquoise shelf and curtain rods and well, just everything!!!!

  2. Hi Jamie! My name is Jenny- I grew up at LHUMC! I saw your Blog on Ms. P
    s facebook and I'm in love with it!! Love what you did with the room! I'm your new follower too. I look forward to seeing other beautiful projects and pictures!

  3. Can I hire you!? Love it all. Sweet little haven you've created!

  4. Yes, indeed...wish you were here to help with our room makeovers but I will have to settle for advice over email! Love the new room, very girlie and very cozy!

  5. Can you tell me what you used to adhere the POM's to the wall? I want to do that with paper lanterns in our little guys room but not sure how to get them to stay! Thank you!

    1. I put hooks in the ceiling and tied them to the hooks. I tied them very tight so you couldn't see the strings. Hope that helps!