Wednesday, November 28, 2012

House Hunt Update

As I’m sure most of you know by now, we’re moving up to the D.C. area in just a few weeks.  Back in October, Tim and I went on a house hunting trip, put an offer on a house, got outbid and then ended up coming back home without a house.  Feeling a tad desperate and knowing we would need somewhere to live, we started looking into temporary housing options.  But God just kept closing doors on us.  It seemed that every which way we turned, a door closed.  Day after day ticked by with nothing.  At this point, it was already mid-November and the movers were already scheduled to pack us up on the first of December.  Talk about stressful!  We prayed, we questioned, we waited anxiously for God to open a door. 

Then during the week before Thanksgiving week, a few new listings in Virginia and Maryland came available that we were interested in.  Almost on a whim, Tim called his parents to see if there was any chance they could come up at the last minute and take care of the kids for a few days while we made a quick house hunting trip up to DC.  They immediately agreed to help us out; even changing a doctor appointment so they could come up a day sooner than originally planned.  Tim also checked with our realtors (we have one in VA and one in MD) and both were available that weekend.  So since all of a sudden, God seemed to be opening doors for us instead of closing them, we decided to take a step of faith (in the form of a loooong car drive) and see what He had in store for us.

Tim’s parents drove up that Wednesday afternoon and then Tim and I drove all day Thursday to Virginia.  



The plan was to spend Friday looking at houses in Virginia and then there were a few houses we wanted to look at in Maryland on Saturday morning. 



Well, it turned out that we both fell in love with the third house we saw in VA that first morning.  We decided to quickly see the last few houses on our VA list, just to be doubly sure though.  And each time we walked into another house, we just felt more strongly about that third house. So after a quick lunch to pray and talk it through, we were ready to make an offer.  From our previous experience, we knew we needed to act fast.  We wrote our offer, prayed over it (again), and then submitted it to the sellers.

It was a long night of waiting and praying.  And, for whatever reason (most likely from our previous experience of falling in love with a house and then being outbid and losing the house), I lost all hope that night that we were going to get this house.  I cried and I doubted God’s faithfulness and goodness to us. Throughout most of this house hunting journey, even through all the questions and confusion we were facing, I felt God’s nearness.  I heard His whispers.  I knew that His hand was upon us and He was walking with us through all of it, that He had a plan and He was leading us.  But that night all I felt was fear and doubt and discouragement.   I couldn’t hear Him and I couldn’t feel Him near.  I felt completely lost. 



The next morning, since we didn’t know if our offer would be accepted and we had no time to waste, we went ahead and met with our Maryland realtor to see a few houses over there.  And afterwards, we were even more confident about our feelings for the house in VA.  We really loved it, and for us, nothing even compared.  So with nothing else to do but wait (with giant knots in our stomachs), we decided to go to Ikea and dream about all the things we would do to our house, if we got it.  We had just arrived there and were walking through Ikea when Tim’s phone rang. It was our realtor. I’m sure ya’ll have had those moments when time just seems to stand still, your heart freezes, and three seconds seems like a lifetime.  This was one of those times.  So when our realtor told us that the seller accepted our offer (and there were actually multiple offers!), I almost fell on the floor right there and cried from sheer joy and sweet relief.

Right here is where it all went down.



We had a house! We wouldn’t be homeless for Christmas after all!  I would not have to live in a tiny apartment on the 7th floor with three small children and an overgrown Boxer!  God had totally come through for us, seemingly at the last minute. I honestly felt like He had parted the Red Sea for our family. We were ecstatic, overjoyed, triumphant, victorious!  Our mouths probably hung open from complete awe and amazement of God and what He did for us that day and through this entire experience.

As things worked out, we were even able to get the home inspection scheduled for early the next morning before our drive back to Alabama.  It was a whirlwind trip, completely planned and destined by God.  One we will not likely ever forget.  (And if we do, I now have a blog entry to remind us.)



It amazes me to see how God used so many people, experiences, and situations to weave our path over these last few months to get us where we needed to be when we needed to be there.  He had a perfect way and perfect timing and a perfect home for us.  I told Tim that I feel like we’ve been through a maze.  At times, we tried to go the wrong way, but God always pulled us back on the right path each time.  He has faithfully led us through every step of the way. 



I can look back and see that now.  Although in the middle of everything, I felt like we were walking in complete darkness with no idea where we were going or how we would ever get there.  Sometimes, like when we were outbid during our first house hunting trip and lost the house, I felt defeated and hopeless.  But it’s clear to me now that that first house was a step on our path, not the final destination. God used that house to pull us away from putting an offer on the Annapolis house (which would have been a mistake) and then also to lead us to Fairfax.  During that first house hunting trip, after making that offer on the house, we spent days staying in Fairfax eating, shopping, and driving around looking at houses and getting to know the area.  We fell in love with the city, but then ended up leaving without a house.  At the time, that was devastating and scary.  But then in His timing and when the right house for us was on the market, God brought us back (very unexpectedly) and gave us the house He had for us. God works mysteriously like that and sometimes His ways totally blow my mind.

We also realized later, that if Tim’s dad wouldn’t have thought to change his doctor’s appointment and come up a day early (they came up Wednesday instead of Thursday), we wouldn’t have been able to drive up to VA on Thursday, see this house on Friday morning and gotten our offer in by that afternoon.  And considering that there were multiple offers on this house, it most likely would have been off the market by Saturday when we had originally planned to see it.  Crazy, huh?!!


Here’s a peek of our soon-to-be-home.



I can’t wait to get in there and start making it a home for us.