Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage Rattan Hanging Chair

Last week, Tim screwed a giant bolt into a rafter in our ceiling so I could hang up my new-to-me Craigslisted rattan hanging chair.  And I LoVE it!



We had to scoot the fireplace over a tad to accommodate it, but I think it’s just perfect for that little corner.  It’s so fun!  And it has a peaceful little view into the woods behind our house, where this time of the year, the trees are especially pretty and colorful.



I’m on the hunt for a giant cushion to plop down in the bottom and a few pillows to toss in there (this one is borrowed from my couch), but don’t you just want to grab a good book and a cup of coffee and curl up for awhile?


I sure do!  In fact, I’m blogging from this chair right now.

It’s become the new favorite (and fought over) seat in the house.



The first day that we had it hanging up, the kids were spinning each other and getting a little bit crazy with it.  Several times I warned them to calm down. My warnings went unheeded and I think I was too busy with something else (I can’t remember what) to intervene immediately. Then all of a sudden, the knot I had tied came loose and Tyson and my chair went crashing to the floor.  Oops!  Thankfully no one was hurt and my chair survived the crash unharmed.  The kids all learned their lesson.  And I learned to tie and secure a better knot.  And so far, this one is still holding….




  1. It looks great!! I love that you just "moved the fireplace over"! I bought a hammock chair for outside and now I'm curious if we could hang it inside. We have a corner by our unmovable/non functioning fireplace that is empty.

  2. There is no picture of Pudge in the chair. I bet he is jealous.