Tuesday, February 3, 2015

LOVE Marquee Letters

A few weeks ago, while we were at Kohl's shopping the after Christmas sales, I came across their Marquee signs and letters on a big discount.  I had been wanting "LOVE" in metal letters and although these letters were red on the outside (which wasn't my favorite), I knew I could spray paint them another color, so I snatched them up because the price was too good to pass them up.

I debated spray painting the outside of them black, gray, and white, but since I had a can of white spray paint on hand and didn't want to go to the store, I decided to try white first.  And I ended up loving them white.

I've tried them out in a few different places in our home, but really like them on my faux fireplace mantel where I can see them often.  I don't usually do much, if any decorating for Valentine's Day, but I like that these letters are simple and understated in a way that works well with Valentine's Day but will also continue to work in the coming weeks of winter.


  1. Where, oh where did you get that darling gate?!

    1. I made it several years ago! It's not hard...I bet you could make one too!

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    3. I just found my old blog post when i made it… maybe it will help you