Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen Buffet / Coffee Bar

One of the things our kitchen is lacking is storage space.  There’s no pantry and very limited cabinet space.  So as we’ve been planning out our renovation and thinking of ways to make the space that we have more efficient for our family, one of the things we wanted to do was add some additional cabinetry along an unused portion of the wall in the eat-in area of the kitchen. 
We originally planned for it to look something like this picture below and then we wanted to add some open shelves up above the cabinets.

The extra cabinets would give us a place to store snacks as well as a convenient place to keep art and school supplies for the kids (since the kitchen table tends to be the spot where homework and art projects are done).  I also planned to move my Keurig over to that area and use it as a coffee bar, which would then free up counter space in other parts of the kitchen.
But over the weekend, we came across this vintage sideboard/buffet listed on Craigslist and I knew it would be perfect for our kitchen. And at $145, it was several hundred dollars cheaper than buying the extra cabinets. 
(This picture was taken after we sanded it down.)

I loved that it had both drawers and cabinets.  And it was just the right size for the spot we needed it to go in.  Sometimes God just drops the most unexpected blessings in our laps.
A quick side note: I tried living with the red bricks in the kitchen for as long as I could stand them, but I just couldn’t do it.
Here’s a reminder picture for you of what we started with.

All the dark red bricks just sucked the light right out of every inch of the kitchen.  Not to mention, red bricks just don’t fit with the vision I have in my head for my light, bright, white kitchen.  I tried giving the bricks a light gray wash to tone them down, but still wasn’t happy with the result. I kept doing white washes on the bricks until I could look at them and be happy.  I stopped when they were white.  Apparently, white bricks make me happy.
Back to my new buffet…
Usually, when it comes to painting furniture, I go with the “safe” colors. But I knew right away that I wanted to do something bold with this piece. I wanted it to make a statement; to be a fun, slightly unexpected, pop of color in our hopefully soon-to-be white kitchen.
Picking the deepest shade of teal on the color swatch felt a little bit risky to me (like I said, it’s not my usual thing), but I went with my gut and I am so in love with the end result.  The color is Behr’s “Tuscan Teal”.

The finish on the top of the buffet was chipping and peeling when we bought it, so we ended up needing to sand it all the way down to the wood.  I decided to just take that as an opportunity to mix things up a little bit and stain the top instead of just painting it all the same color.  I like the contrast and I think the dark wood goes really well with the teal.
Here’s a peek inside the cabinets and drawers.

Last night, Tim figured out how to hang my shelves up for me.  (Since they were going up on brick, it was a little more difficult.)  These shelves were from our art room at our previous house.  I just put a couple coats of primer and white paint on them to freshen them up.

And this morning, I had some time to play around with the arrangement of everything.

Coffee, anyone?  Come over and have a cup of cheer with me!

I really love the way it all turned out.  It’s so different than the original plan that we had, but I like this so much better. I go in my kitchen just to stare at it.

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  1. How'd he hang the shelf on bricks? Can't wait to see in person. Love the teal.

    1. He put anchors in the mortar and then screwed the shelves into the anchors.

  2. How'd he hang the shelf on bricks? Can't wait to see in person. Love the teal.

  3. This is just fantastic! Makes me smile!

  4. oh, wow--I love it! Love the painted brick, and the shelves, and especially that buffet. I'm glad you didn't go with a "safe" color--that teal looks amazing!

  5. What a cool idea! I love that turquoise against the white washed brick!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOOOVE !! the colour is fantastic, such a great energy!!and it fit so well into your kitchen, I really love this!

  7. BTW, new follower, would love you to follow me too!:)

  8. The kitchen is so bright and cheerful. Glad you decided to go with white bricks. The other was so dark. You are so creative, wish I could put you loose in my house for a while. Love to all of you,
    Momma Lee

  9. What a cute idea! Love the sideboard. So glad you saved the top. I use Deft (home depot) water based acrylic top coat. Get satin. Dries fast, goes on like a dream. use 3 coats (lightly sand with steel wool in between coats). It will protect that beautiful wood top. Especially in the kitchen. Love that color too!!

  10. Jaime, I love your work! I'm glad I popped you have a new reader too!

  11. Very nice, I love the color!!!

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  17. love the makeover, i would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know,

  18. I just LOVE the white bricks! Adds so much texture to the room. You are lucky they were there to be painted! And the color choice on the buffet is brilliant. It looks just right in that space. -- Min

  19. Great idea for extra storage, we don't have a pantry so this would be a great option for us. Love the painted brick as well. Great job!

  20. Wow, it came out beautiful. I presently have a small buffet in my kitchen that I got from JC Penny. Unfortunately, it is made of particle board and the piece sits right on the floor (no legs or wheels). Every time I wash the tile floors the moisture is absorbed through the board causing it to expand. As a result, the top is still okay but the bottom is destroyed. You paid a lot less than I did for this hunk of junk and you got a quality piece of furniture that will last you for years. Thanks for the info on redoing furniture to fit into your home. For me it's on to the hunt! LOL!

  21. I absolutely LOVE this!!! :-) It is my first time on your blog. I just popped over from a blog that was talking about open shelves and had featured you. The link to the post that I found you from is Your picture immediately caught my eye because of the cute coffee bar and teal color! I recently did a makeover in our dining room and turned our coffee bar into a more functional space for our family. As I read your post I smiled huge when I saw that we even used the same Behr color in our projects. Great minds think alike! (I was going for the darkest teal when I picked it out too.) :-) Here is the link to my coffee bar if you want to check it out. Now I am going to go explore the rest of your blog! So fun! :-)


  22. That looks wonderful...great job! I happened to find the EXACT one also on Craigslist. Great minds think alike because I chose a dark teal as well but went with a high gloss lacquer look. Here's a link to my TV console project if you'd like to see it.


  23. Great job! I love the shelving too and how you styled them. I found the EXACT console also on Craigslist. And...dark teal it became too! Polished up the hardware and gave it a high gloss lacquer finish. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out.


  24. Love the teal and the dark brown top together! That is the most fabulous piece. The whole space is a wow!