Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitchen progress… the little details

Going into this kitchen renovation, I knew the major things that I wanted… white shaker cabinets, butcher block countertops, and a farmhouse sink.  But when it came down to the smaller details like which faucet style or what kind of range hood, I hadn’t given it much thought and I really had no idea what I wanted.  I guess I initially thought that those little things wouldn’t matter too much as long as I got the big things right.  But through this process, I’ve realized that those little details do matter and they make a big difference in the final outcome of your kitchen.  It could kind of be compared to putting on jewelry after you’ve put on your clothes.  The jewelry you choose can possibly make or break your outfit.  Your jewelry can be really elegant or it can be very simple and understated or it can just look cheap or even thoughtless.  But in the end, what you pick does matter in your overall look.

So since I was pretty much clueless about what I wanted, I had to do a lot of research to really nail down what I liked when it came to these things.  I’ve spent the last few weeks searching Pinterest and reading kitchen renovation blogs to see what’s out there, what others recommend, what I think looks good, and what doesn’t.

In the end, here are the things we’ve decided on:


I really wanted a bridge faucet, but since we only have one faucet hole to work with, I decided on the Danze Single Handle Bar Faucet.  I wavered back and forth between a chrome finish or stainless steel. But in the end, I went with chrome, because I wanted it to have a little bling to it.  I mean it you’re going to have a nice faucet, it might as well shine and make that farmhouse sink look extra pretty.  And I also realized that every pin on Pinterest in which I liked the faucet, was a chrome faucet.  Gotta go with what you love.


We ended up returning our Ikea 36” range for the NXR 30" Pro-Style Gas Range.  A detail that we had overlooked was that the Ikea range took a 240 watt outlet and our outlets are the typical 120 watts and we didn’t want to add any extra electrical work than was necessary.  Plus I really didn’t need the larger 36” range with six burners.  A 30” range with four burners will be plenty big for our family and it will also allow me to have those extra 6” in counter space and cabinets.

And I love the look of this one better anyway.

Featured View


Plus, look, it’s blue inside!

Oven Interior View


When it came to the range hood, at first I really didn’t have much of an opinion, but in an effort to make an informed decision and to make sure I would be happy with my choice for the long term, I did my Pinterest research.

I do like the big range hoods like this

charcoal painted kitchen cabinets

via the inspired home

But, for whatever reason, Tim wasn’t much of a fan. 

And we are going to have cabinets on both sides or our hood, so ours would look more similar to this (below picture) and neither of us really loved how that looked.

kitchen subway tile

via here

But when we came across this next picture, we both immediately agreed that we loved the look and that it would work well in our kitchen.

Range and hood

via here

The above range hood is a Viking and runs upwards of $1000, so we settled on this much more affordable, but nearly identical, Broan Pro-Style Range Hood in Stainless Steel.

I’m still in the decision making process when it comes to pulls and knobs.  I’ve already bought these from Restoration Hardware.  I love the pulls, but I’m not in love with the knobs and they may get returned.  I kinda want to do something a little more fun with the knobs.

Duluth Pull Duluth Knob


I love what The Inspired Room did in her kitchen.  If you look closely, you can see that the top knobs are different from the bottom knobs.  It’s fun and unexpected, a little bit quirky and I’m really liking it. 

two toned kitchen cabinets


At this point, we’re still in the process of cutting and installing the butcher block counter tops.  Cutting them has been really nerve-wracking.  We measure, measure, measure, hold our breath, and then Tim cuts.  We still have two more to cut.  I’ll be excited when this part is over.  It’s too stressful for me (and I’m not even the one with the saw!).

Once it’s done and they’re installed, I hope to be back with a blog post about it.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kitchen Progress

Our kitchen renovation started this week, but before I get into that, I thought I’d show you some before pictures of the kitchen.  These are all iphone pics (cause I’m too lazy to get my real camera and take pictures), so the quality isn’t top notch.

This is the foyer area.  Several weeks ago, when Tim and I were still thinking we could re-do the floors ourselves, we started removing the linoleum.  We quickly realized the job was beyond our abilities and we quit, so our foyer has looked like this ever since.


Nice, huh.

Here’s another angle, standing in our living room and looking at our front door.  I did paint the walls, the trim, the door, and those iron rails (they were black) so besides the floor part, the foyer is looking much better than when we moved in.


This was the view standing in the foyer, looking into the kitchen. 

Look at those floors!



The eati-in area.



A few weeks ago, in a last ditch attempt to save money and not have to do a complete reno, I tried one last time to salvage the kitchen and I started painting the cabinets, but in the end, I realized again that they really just weren’t worth saving.  So my kitchen looked like this for several weeks…. half painted, ripped up floors, and missing cabinet doors.  It was chaos.



Which brings us up to the kitchen renovation. 

The guys showed up bright and early on Wednesday morning and got right down to work.


By lunch time, my yard looked like this and there was a thin layer of dust over every surface inside my house. The joys of renovation!!



That night, this was the state of our kitchen.


In the above picture, you can see that the entire wall (on the right) isn’t made of bricks and that there are cinder blocks behind where the wall oven used to be. This kinda presents an issue because the cinder blocks will be visible now with our new cabinets. So instead of using the bricks as our backsplash behind the oven wall, we will probably have to use subway tile on that side (as well as on the sink side). We’ll see… Anybody have any other ideas?

They had also already begun laying the wood floors.  The color of the wood floors would not have been my top pick (if I was choosing whatever I wanted) , but it matches almost perfectly with the rest of the house, and I wanted to keep the wood consistent throughout, especially since the floors will run right into each other.  They look really good and so much better than the half ripped up linoleum floors!!


On Thursday, the crew pretty much finished up the rest of the floors and on Friday my cabinets arrived and they began installing them.


These guys are really hard workers and the renovation is going faster than I had hoped.  The cabinets are already installed (but no sneak peek yet!) and the next big thing is the countertops.  And since we are using Ikea’s Numerar butcher block, Tim and I are doing that part. I hope to be back soon with a post about the countertops and also one about some of the smaller details of the renovation process. 

Have a happy weekend!