Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Foyer Closet turned Mudroom

This was one of those projects that took much longer than was expected.  Between Tim’s work travels, our trip to Florida, and then the holidays, it got started and then put on hold a lot. But I finally have my mudroom and I love it!



Sometime back in October, I convinced Tim to begin converting our foyer closet into a mudroom. I knew Winter was fast approaching and with it there would be an abundance of coats, scarves, hats, boots, and gloves to deal with on a daily basis.  Our house is tight on storage space and so every inch counts and needs to be functional for our family.  And the current set up of the foyer closet was just not cutting it for us. I almost forgot to take a “before” picture, but snapped this one with my phone just after Tim had taken one of the doors off.    


Some things that weren’t working for us:

-Lost/unused space both on the floor and upper shelves

-No place to store things like hats, gloves, etc…

-Doors that were just constantly in the way and inconvenient

-Kids could not reach the hangers to hang up their own jackets or get them down (which meant I had to do it)

I wanted the mudroom to have plenty of space to store all the everyday winter accessories in a way that was easily accessible to the kids so that they could both find their things, as well as put them away without my help.  I also wanted to love how it looked. I envisioned woven baskets, horizontal beadboard walls, oil rubbed bronze hooks, and of course, lots of white. So those were the goals. 

This was our inspiration.

The first thing I did was find the baskets that I wanted to use under the bench (all baskets ended up being from Target) and then Tim planned the dimensions of the bench around them. From there, we just planned and readjusted our plans as we went through the process.  And in the end, I am completely in love with the end result.  Tim did an amazing job!